Angelas Garten (4) – Angela’s Garden (4)

Naja, vom Garten sieht man nicht viel, das war Kaffee und frischer Apfelkuchen auf ihrer Terrasse. Am Tisch die Gastgeberin! Angela meinte, es wäre Zeit, mich mal selbst mit in einem Bild festzuhalten – mal sehen, demnächst muss mich mal jemand fotografieren, dass ich danach zeichnen kann…

Well, here you don’t see a lot of her garden – this is her back porch where she invited me to coffee and fresh apple tart. The hostess being in the picture, she said it would be nicer with me there, too – so next time I’ll ask someone else to take a picture with me in it as reference for my watercolour!

5 Kommentare zu „Angelas Garten (4) – Angela’s Garden (4)

  1. You usually do not include people in your art so I was surprised to see a person today. A very nice job indeed. You should include more people in your work. This particular piece is so lovely. So much detail. I feel like I am there and wanting to eat a piece of the fresh apple tart. Great work!

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    1. Hi, Julie,
      Glad you like it! As for sketching people, doing so „live“, I’m still a bit uncomfortable and clumsy. A few times, I’ve done relatives and once people on a train ( but getting ill from not looking outside). From photos, though, I’ve already included people in my works, mostly friends or relatives (Look up my post „Hen Party“, September 30, 2019😉). But you’re right, I should do so more often, for practice, too!

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    1. Dear Julie, thank you so much for nominating me once again for the Sunshine Blogger Award! You are a very kind and faithful follower, one of very few who offer comments from time to time, which adds life to the blog, and I’m very grateful. Nevertheless, I’ve taken my time considering what to answer. That’s because when I got this nomination last time, I did everything a nominee is required to, and that was a lot of work, all the answers and new questions in two languages! When I then got no response at all from any of my own nominees, it was quite a disappointment. Moreover, by now I don’t have much time reading many blogs, so it would be a struggle to come up with 10 other nominees, sorry… So I hope you’ll understand that this time I’d like to pass on your kind offer while appreciating the gesture! Anyway, I’ll at least check out the blogs of your other nominees, that’s a promise! Thanks again, Susanne


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